Our statement

instant response

Claims and casualties in the shipping sector occur regardless of time and national borders. We are used to travelling or flying out to a distressed vessel or casualty site at short notice. We understand the importance of being reachable 24/7.


The quality of our work and advice is widely recognised, and many people and organisations rely upon us as the experts in our field. Our aim is to offer impartial advice, knowing that many disputes result in expensive litigation.


Our independence is underpinned by the variety of customers across the industry and by the fact that we do not have any external shareholders. We are not part of a large multi-national.


All our services are on a strictly confidential basis, with due attention to avoiding conflicts of interests.


We charge market-conforming rates. Prior to engaging in any assignment, we may provide a budget proposal for the work required, free of any obligation.


We either travel ourselves or provide remote assistance to local surveyors to ensure all relevant information is collected and evidence is kept secure.