Olger Koop

A M Sc in Applied Mathematics, Chair Numerical Analyses and Computational Mechanics from Twente University with over 10 years of experience as a consultant, forensic analyst and expert witness in ship hydrodynamics, mooring studies, ship’s stability (intact and dynamic), motion response (and in particular roll) phenomena, marine simulations and calculations.

Olger is specialised in predicting, analysing and simulating vessel motions in both sea and harbour conditions. He has carried out extensive investigations into roll motion involving large container ships and his analyses and reports were used in several marine litigation procedures. He is also an expert in ship-to-ship interaction, harbour mooring systems and complex wave systems.

To support his forensic analyses, Olger co-developed various mooring analyses and vessel response software (including SHIP-Moorings, Aktis DMA, METRIS MB) packages and has executed many wave propagation assessments using both spectral and time domain wave models.

+31 10 303 7520