James van der Heiden

A master mariner and marine engineer with command experience as a master on board chemical and oil tankers, followed by 18 years of experience as a marine surveyor and department lead at an international engineering and consultancy firm. 

James has undertaken high-profile expert work around the world in many areas of marine casualty and cargo damage investigation and performed nautical studies in connection with collisions, groundings, mooring incidents and container collapse incidents.
In addition to his, James is also an experienced yacht surveyor.


tankers, oils and chemicals
collisions and groundings
mooring & manoeuvring incidents
VDR and AIS reconstruction
container lashing force calculations (Lashright, Stowlash), survey and data analyses
(mega) yacht surveys
nautical & ship-technical matters for P&I and H&M.

+31 6 4206 5943