Salvage and clean-up operations

We have experience and capacity in project management, from the moment of the first distress call to redelivery of a salvaged vessel or wreck to completion of the legal aftermath. This includes tendering, contracting, deployment of the proper equipment, oil removal operations, supervision, and calculations.

Our project managers can bring a vast network of specialist experts from the Dutch salvage industry to bear with whom we have worked on many occasions in the past – such as naval architects, gas doctors, salvage masters – and may recommend suitable Special Casualty Representatives (SCRs).

Unique experience was gained during a major offshore clean-up operation following a large container loss. New techniques and methods were developed to achieve an efficient and effective operation.

This vessel sank as a result of a collision and was considered a constructive total loss after a diving survey. The wreck was to be removed, for which a tender was sent to various salvors. The whole process, from the collision up to completion of wreck removal operations, was monitored by us on behalf of H&M Underwriters and the owners’ P&I Club. (photo: Belgian Coastguard)