Hazardous cargo

The risks associated with the carriage of hazardous cargoes are incredibly significant and are the cause of many marine incidents every year.

We have in-house expertise from leading experts in this field to provide advice on a wide range of matters such as acceptance and approval criteria, packing, stowage using the IMDG Code and rendering support in case of fire and explosion incidents.

Our services further include emergency response advice, training, familiarisation, consultancy, and expert witness.

The packaging, stowage and marking of hazardous cargoes is heavily regulated in the IMDG Code. Containers are mostly loaded by shippers, and the container is offered as a closed unit to the carrier, which needs to rely upon the shipper’s diligence in packing the container correctly. In this case shippers failed to apply proper stowage and securing of the drums which resulted in the leakage of hazardous liquids following which the vessel had to make an emergency call at a port of refuge.