Hull damage

We are frequently appointed by shipowners and their H&M underwriters / brokers as independent experts to assist in the selection of the appropriate shipyard, applying fair tendering processes, monitoring the repair progress and timely (interim) reporting on quantum of damage from ship repairs. Our client base is very diverse and ranges from single-vessel owners to large international shipping broking or insurance companies.

Our track record covers any kind of deep-sea vessel, floating installation, inland barge as well as luxury yacht.

To offer the best solution in terms of response time, local knowledge, cost and quality, customers may appeal to our extensive international network of qualified surveyors.

Repairs in progress after a collision caused considerable damage to the hull. Scaffolding provides access to the damaged areas.
The damaged hull plating and the internals are being cropped. On the right hand side of the left scaffolding, part of a web frame is still visible which got heavily deformed in the collision.

Eventually, all affected plating is cropped and replaced.
Often for such repairs, a repair tender is sent to various shipyards. In consultation with owners, the most efficient repair yard is chosen for the job. While repairs are in progress, surveys are performed to verify if the work is carried out in compliance with agreements and to evaluate final repair costs.