Engine and machinery damage

Dealing with engine and machinery damage requires specialist knowledge concerning mechanical and electrical failure as well as engine operation and maintenance. We have specific experience from seagoing marine engineers who are familiar with all types of two- and four-stroke diesel- and LNG-powered engines from well-known manufacturers.

Several large fleet owners have been using our services for many years, knowing that we have a high degree of credibility with insurers and brokers. This recognition has proven to be successful in many instances to ensure the fast and efficient settlement of the insurance claim.

Engine room spaces on board vessels and yachts are not always spacious. In case of damage to specific equipment, accessibility needs to be taken into account as it will influence repair costs. Besides this, the various different systems, each with their specific piping, controls, and fluids, require specific handling in case of repairs. On this picture, a small area in a more spacious engine room is shown, to give an idea of the jumble of equipment, piping, et cetera in an engine room.