Cargo consultancy

We provide surveys and consultations on a wide range of cargoes and possible effects from spoilage during transport and storage. With regard to containerised cargoes, we have specific expertise in refrigerated cargoes and transportation requirements. For many categories of perishables we have invested in creating benchmark guidelines on best practices that are recognised internationally and used across the industry.

Due to our credibility in this field, several of the world’s largest container carriers have used our services for many years.

Tuna fish is caught in so-called ‘tuna seiners’ where the fresh fish is kept in brine tanks at around – 12°C. Islands such as Seychelles and Mauritius are the centres where tuna is transshipped into large refrigerated vessels for transportation to canning factories.
During transport, special care is required with regard to defrosting cycles to avoid the cargo hold air circulation systems from getting blocked by the ice formation from the ‘wet loaded’ cargo.
The on-board handling of tuna fish is still a very labour intensive operation, using steel hooks and cargo nets.